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Social Media Influencer 

Catch Baby Trump on Twitter @FlextheTruth.

Also on Youtube for the Flexthetruth Podcast

National Speaker

Chris has traveled the country speaking on many occasions.

Check out the upcoming events to see when you can catch Baby Trump in your city next!

Podcast Host

Chris holds a popular podcast called Flex the Truth.

Chris Eryx has an open discussion with "FLEXEES" who are on the live chat about conspiracy theories as well as current events happening around the world. Chris intends to move ,touch and or inspire his listeners to take action and do their own research and use their own critical thinking to come up with their own answers and opinions.

Fighter against child trafficking 

One of things Chris Fights for when he is on stage is to, SAVE OUR CHILDREN!

Human trafficking is a huge problem in the united states and chris helping raise funds through his T-shirt campaign to help save our kids! Join us in this fight!

Flexer of Truth

Chris makes sure that on his podcast your truth is told! 

Reach out to Chris about having a conversation on his podcast today!

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